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Nathan Griggs is not only Australia's number 1 whip cracking entertainer, he is a five time whip cracking Guinness world record holder! When it comes to whips you will not find a more inspiring and passionate man. Nathan is a new breed of Australian whip cracker, and he’s taking the world by storm.

Located in Mataranka NT, Nathan has invested a lot of his time into perfecting his whip cracking and whip making expertise. Now a professional entertainer and artisan whip maker, his whips are in demand from all over the world... as is his whip cracking entertainment. Nathan has spent the last 10 years touring, persuing his passion for rural Australia and travelling, taking his show to hundreds of towns, entertaining thousands with his ever evolving whip cracking talent and distinctive style of Aussie humour.


Outback Tough Whip 5'

Whippy Griggs

Outback Tough Whip 5'



Nathan's standard 45 minute show includes tricks, demonstration of speed cracking, whip cracking to music, lightning whips and fire whips just to name a few..... With audience participation, incredible skills and a lot of humour, Nathan will show your guests a Whip Crackin' Good Time!

Nathan travels the country in his truck, he has been cracking all over Australia for many years, you never know where he'll turn up! Country towns are a favourite of Nathans and no town is too small! .

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697 Cracks in a minute (2 Whips)

359 Cracks in a minute (1 Whip)

World's Longest Whip (100m)

Cracking the World's Longest Whip (100m)

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